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2017.07.02 18:36

Meeting at Senmaya International Club(7/1 2017 in Ichinoseki, Iwate)

At seven in the evening on July 1, 2017, we had a meeting on the theme of "True Happiness in the Future", inviting our local supporters.

2017-Jul2-01-img1.jpg 2017-Jul2-01-img2.jpg

Dr. Hiroyuki Iwamoto, a neurologist who runs a clinic in Senmaya, led the discussion with Seyed Taher of Rentai Tohoku Seinan as the facilitator.

Despite the ambiguous theme, we are grateful for free-spoken comments from the attendees and all the trouble Dr. Iwamoto took to encourage exchange of opinions. Those who attended the meeting for the first time might have been shocked by our board director's direct comment. However, hopefully, his good intentions were understood and taken as a statement from his compassion and sympathy toward Senmaya.

2017-Jul2-01-img3.jpg 2017-Jul2-01-img4.jpg

During the after party we were able to exchange various opinions in the relaxed atmosphere. We hope that the people in Senmaya and Iwate are going to be self-reliant and make a true recovery from the calamity.

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2017.07.02 18:36 admin

2017.07.02 18:32

Kids Event (7/1 2017 in Rikuzentakata, Iwate)

On Saturday July 1st , 2017, we hosted an event for children who were staying in a children's home in Otomo Town, Rikuzentakata City, Iwate. Like last year, Mr. Yuichi Murakami, a fisherman of Otomo Town, helped us make preparation for the event, from planning, arrangements of both the venue and the boat, food procurement and so on.

2017-Jul-01-img1.jpg 2017-Jul-01-img2.jpg

Although we had a lot of trouble because of the rain last year, the weather this year was great and all the preparation works went smoothly at the barbecue site. There was no missing charcoal plate this time. All the appliances for barbecue safely arrived.

2017-Jul-01-img3.jpg 2017-Jul-01-img4.jpg

The first event was held last year to offer an opportunity for children who lived in a local children's home to experience the fun of fishing. Mr. Murakami, who did everything to make it happen last year, was very enthusiastic about this year's event. At ten o'clock in the morning, fifteen children aged from three to eighteen led by six staff members from the children's home arrived at Otomo Harbour and the event started.

2017-Jul-01-img5.jpg 2017-Jul-01-img6.jpg

Everyone squealed with delight to see ocean-fresh octopuses, scallops and sea squirts landed from Mr. Murakami's fishing boat, Tenyo Maru. The biggest attraction of all was a huge octopus weighing 25kg. Not only the children but also the adults including the children's home's staff all happily exclaimed.

2017-Jul-01-img7.jpg 2017-Jul-01-img8.jpg

As we had heard that the children had been looking forward to fishing, our fishing-savvy staff members brought along some rigs with them. The tools turned out to be wonderfully useful. This year, the kids were able to catch a lot more fish than last year thanks to those special instruments, and were so completely absorbed that they even almost forgot lunch. (When they caught small fish, the fishermen told the children to release them back to the sea for sustainability.)

2017-Jul-01-img9.jpg 2017-Jul-01-img10.jpg

While the children had great fun catching fish, some local fishermen and the foundation staff were working to fix lunch.

2017-Jul-01-img11.jpg 2017-Jul-01-img12.jpg

We had three barbecue tables ready this time so that we could grill meat, vegetables and seafood separately on each table. Mr. Murakami skilfully made scallop sashimi, looking particularly an authentic man of sea.

2017-Jul-01-img13.jpg 2017-Jul-01-img14.jpg

The barbecue site was soon filled with mouth-watering flavour and the lunch started at last. Little children sat on the ground and ate minding their manners.

2017-Jul-01-img15.jpg 2017-Jul-01-img16.jpg

After the meal, a young woman volunteered to sing popular songs from anime shows to entertain children. Although they were sitting quietly and simply listening to songs at first, as they felt relaxed, everyone stood up and got perky. We are very grateful for the singer's wonderful hospitality.

2017-Jul-01-img17.jpg 2017-Jul-01-img18.jpg

At the end of the perfect day, what awaited the children was the bay cruise on Mr. Murakami's boat which they had been so looking forward to. As the capacity of the boat was limited, the children split into two groups and enjoyed the 20-minute cruise. Some kids held on to the must at the bow and pretended to be fishermen hunting for fish.

2017-Jul-01-img19.jpg 2017-Jul-01-img20.jpg

Although our contributions are small in scale, Rentai Tohoku and Seinan is going to continue various activities with help from our local supporters in order to encourage those who suffered from the earthquake in Tohoku to become self-reliant.

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2017.07.02 18:32 admin

2017.03.12 14:30

Symposium on Self-Supporting Efforts: Toward the Light (3/11 2017 at Ichinoseki City, Iwate)

2017-Mar-11-img7.jpg 2017-Mar-11-img8.jpg

We hosted the symposium near Senmaya International Club, the hub of our volunteer activities, at 17:00 on Saturday March 11, 2017 with almost 50 audiences.

On behalf of the surviving families, Mr. Yuichi Yonezawa, director of Yonezawa Shokai Co., Ltd., Mr. Ikuo Takeyama, partner of a Dutch style hydroponic farm, and Mr. Sakutaro Sugano, an orphan who lost his mother in the previous year after living at a temporary house for 5 years spoke about their thoughts 6 years after the earthquake.

2017-Mar-11-img9.jpg 2017-Mar-11-img10.jpg

Each of them talked about how they faced and overcame their emotional scars caused by the disaster and how they found the light of hope for the future.

2017-Mar-11-img11.jpg 2017-Mar-11-img12.jpg

Toward the end of the symposium, various people made speeches including Mr. Miura, who offered a building for us to use as our operating base immediately after the earthquake and Mr. Sugawara, director of a children's institution addressing the issue of child abuse, and provided valuable opportunities for us to reconsider how we should support sufferers of the earthquake from now on. Mr. Sata, board chairman of the Foundation presented certificates of commendation and commemorative gifts to the three main speakers who went through tremendous hardships. The board chairman spoke about the past support activities by the Foundation and his thoughts on what we tried to achieve through our activities. The dignified manner with which young Mr. Sugano, the second-year high school student (17 years old), made his speech made us realize the hidden strength of Tohoku. Wishing that the youth would grow up big and strong, the chairman gave him his favourite US navy jacket (decorated with an embroidered Popeye) which he used to wear when he was young.

2017-Mar-11-img13.jpg 2017-Mar-11-img14.jpg

During the first half of the symposium, the professional cello-piano duo, Mr. Sergei Srowaczewski and Ms. Tatiana Koresova, who also played at the former Okawa primary school in the morning, played beautiful music once again.

Click the picture below to see the movie.

The event was covered by Iwate Nippo and Iwate Nichinichi newspapers as follows.

The Iwate Nippo issue of March 12th, 2017


The Iwate Nichinichi issue of March 12th, 2017


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2017.03.12 14:30 admin

2017.03.12 14:22

Memorial Service (3/11 2017 at the former site of Okawa Primary School, Ishinomaki, Miyagi)

2017-Mar-11-img1.jpg 2017-Mar-11-img2.jpg

At ten o'clock in the morning on March 11, 2017 (Sat), the sixth anniversary of the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake, we held a memorial service in front of the statue of Angel donated by the Foundation at the former site of Okawa Primary School in Ishinomaki City. Yasuhiko Sata, board chairman of the Foundation invited a professional cello-piano duo, Mr. Sergei Srowaczewski and Ms. Tatiana Koresova from Russia especially for the service. The duo played beautiful and exquisite music for the sufferers of the disaster and the souls of the dead.

2017-Mar-11-img3.jpg 2017-Mar-11-img4.jpg

Although many other events to commemorate the earthquake victims coincided with our event, Mr. Ikuo Takeyama, who was extremely supportive when the Foundation donated the Statue of Angel, kindly offered help for the success of our event. When the deadly quake hit Tohoku, Mr. Takeyama was in Shizuoka on a business trip, but sadly he lost his mother, wife and daughter, who lived in the Okawa district.

His late daughter had just celebrated her birthday on the day before the earthquake and was expecting to join Japan Air Self-Defence Force in the coming April. Upon the suggestion of our board chairman, the musicians played her favorite song, "Streamer (Hikouki-gumo)" by Yumin.

2017-Mar-11-img5.jpg 2017-Mar-11-img6.jpg

Mr. Takeyama bravely overcame the loss and the devastation after the earthquake and set up a Dutch style hydroponic farm in partnership in 2016, trying to move forward. We offer our sincerest prayer for the repose of the victims and wish him every success in his new life.

Click the picture below to see the movie.

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2016.12.19 21:36

Curry Event(12/18 2016 at Sandanbashiri Kohoku Temporary Housing Estate, Ishinomaki, Miyagi)

On Sunday December 18, we cooked and served "Tomodachi Curry ®" and had a great time with the residents of Sandanbashiri Kouhoku Temporary Housing Estate, Ishinomaki, Miyagi. It was the third event at the estate since the first curry event in April 2014.

2016-Dec-18-img1.jpg 2016-Dec-18-img2.jpg

Although when we left our office in Senmaya, the surrounding area was covered with thin snow, we arrived and found the Ishinomaki area sunny and nicely warm: a good start of the day. Some residents kindly helped us preparing ingredients for curry and we enjoyed lively conversation and worked together in a homely atmosphere.

2016-Dec-18-img3.jpg 2016-Dec-18-img4.jpg

The order to add and stir-fry the ingredients in the pot is always the key to delicious curry. Therefore those who prepare ingredients and the pot keeper have to work in smooth coordination. As always, thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Sugawara from Hiraizumi, everything went without a single hitch.

2016-Dec-18-img5.jpg 2016-Dec-18-img6.jpg

Tomodachi Curry ® was ready as planned before noon. As our aim was to encourage people to communicate with each other while enjoying food, the curry was only served to people who could come and have meal together in the meeting room. Like the previous gathering, we had many residents in the meeting room and had a great time.

2016-Dec-18-img7.jpg 2016-Dec-18-img8.jpg

After lunch, one of the residents sang some songs playing the guitar and everyone enjoyed the time spent together. To watch the movie of the event, click the picture below.

It was thanks to Mr. Takeyama that the series of events started in the first place. We became acquainted with him when we donated the statue of Angel at former Okawa Primary School. Now that five years have passed since the earthquake, Mr. Sata and the foundation staff are all happy to see that Mr. Takeyama is gradually overcoming the calamity and shows his smiles every now and then.

2016-Dec-18-img9.jpg 2016-Dec-18-img10.jpg

It appears that as part of the permanent housing program for the earthquake victims, a new housing estate for residents of Santanbashiri temporary houses are to be completed in 2017. Rentai Tohoku and Seinan are going to continue our emotional support until everyone moves in the new estate. We wish a good health and happiness to the residents of Santanbashiri temporary housing estate, and we hope they will be able to resume the usual life swiftly.

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2016.12.19 21:36 admin


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