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2018.05.25 11:40

Violin Solo Concert Tour "Hope to meet again"-until the day of meeting (5/18-22, 2018)


We invited an Italian Violinist, Mr. Gian Paolo Peloso, to Japan for playing violin in various parts of the southern part of Iwate Prefecture. He is holding concerts in various parts of the world, while teaching violin at the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts. (http://www.gianpaolopeloso.com/)

It was a five-day exhausting tour with the distance we travelled reached at approximately 2,000 kilometers , but with the significant support of friends and acquaintances from Japan and abroad, it was very fortunate that we were able to carry out the tour on schedule without any trouble.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all of them for their cooperation.

[At the former Okawa Elementary School site]

From 2 p.m. on Friday, May 18, 2018, we held a solo concert of requiem on the site of former Okawa Elementary School in Ishinomaki City.

2018-May-18-img1.jpg 2018-May-18-img2.jpg

Although we worried about the weather the most, the rain subsided during the opening time, and people of the Okawa district led by Mr. Takeyama gathered to listen to violin solo concert under the tent that they had kindly prepared for this event. We had emotional feeling as though seventy-four deceased children and victims gathered beside us to listen to the music. We appreciate the cooperation of Mr. Takeyama and his friends.

[At the main hall of Chuson-ji Temple]

On Saturday, May 19, 2018, we held a solo concert of requiem in the main hall of Chuson-ji Temple from 9:30 a.m.

2018-May-19-img1.jpg 2018-May-19-img2.jpg

This event was held with the valuable effort of the priest, Mr. Shinshou Haseki. We had the pleasure of Mr. Yamada and Mr. Sugawara's (the chief priest) company on the concert. The Chaconne of the Bach filled the main hall, and it was a moment of emotion.

[At the former town office building of Otsuchi Town]

On Saturday, May 19, 2018, at 2:30 p.m., we held a solo concert for requiem in front of the former town office building in Otsuchi Town.

2018-May-19-img3.jpg 2018-May-19-img4.jpg

We strongly support the activities of Eigo Takahashi, Buddhism priest, representative of the "Society for the Future and Life of Otsuchi," a civil group urging the save of the former town office building. We believe that the preservation of the old town office buildings is also important in the meaning of expressing gratitude to the world for the Otsuchi Town, which is emerging with a great deal of support from both Japan and overseas.

2018-May-19-img5.jpg 2018-May-19-img6.jpg

At 2:46 p.m., the time of the earthquake struck, all the members prayed silently, with the anchor of the Otsuchi Town Mayor, Mr. Yutaka Ikarigawa, serving as the facilitator. In the same harsh cold as on the day of the earthquake, around 60 people gathered together.

The activities of the day were reported in Mainichi Shimbun and the Iwate Daily next day, which we would like to introduce as follows.

<In front of the former town office building for the performance of memorial services for the victims of Otsuchi, an Italian musician>
Source: Mainichi Shimbun, May 20, 2018, morning edition


<Violin Concert in Otsuchi old town hall, the tone of requiem echoed through,>
Source: "Iwate Daily, May 20, 2018, morning edition"


[At Senmaya International House]

From noon on Sunday, May 20, 2018, at the Senmaya International House, we hold a luncheon party named "Green & White Day" on the theme of "Ecology".

2018-May-20-img1.jpg 2018-May-20-img2.jpg

Wishing to hold a large-scale event, such as soirees held in Italian towns, at some time in Senmaya as a part of the town's revitalization, we held a small banquet as a starting trial on the sites of the Senmaya International Club.

In Italy for such occasions, based on the theme of ecology, local people bring their own glasses and plates that can be used repeatedly. They gather and deepen their exchanges until late at night enjoying conversations and the dishes which are served on their plates in exchange with the tickets they purchased in advance.

2018-May-20-img3.jpg 2018-May-20-img4.jpg

Since the reserve period for this event was short, we thought it would be better even if only our intended image can be understood by local people, so we held the event during the bright daytime, thinking about the children. We would like to see this project should be developed into a gathering hosted by the Senmaya area in the future. To begin with, we believe that deepening the friendship between the elderly and young men and women in the local community leads to town revitalization and regional development.

2018-May-20-img5.jpg 2018-May-20-img6.jpg

Since there were many participants from foreign countries, we wanted them to enjoy the Japanese tea ceremony after lunch. So we asked Mr. Murakami, who looks after Senmaya, whether there would be anyone willing to serve tea on Sunday. He introduced us Ms. Kiyoko Senda (Urasenke) , and thanks to her, six ladies set up a tea ceremony site. It was very popular among not only foreign visitors, but also other Japanese participants. We thank to these ladies very much.

The event was also participated by children and teachers from Ofunato. We were really happy to see that they were talking and falling down laughing happily in spite of those from Ofunato and other places were strangers for them. We felt the future is brighter. We wished to continue our long-table lunch, with the children as a core, who are the bearers of future.

[At Higashiyama Junior High School and Senmaya High School]

On Monday, May 21, from 10:45, a concert was held at the Ichinoseki Municipal Higashiyama Junior High School (from close bond to Dr. Akimi Kosaka), and from 14:40 on Tuesday, May 22, at the Iwate Prefectural Senmaya High School (from close bond to Dr. Waka Yamamoto).

We have given the young students who will be the leaders in the future a concert of Peloso who are active globally. Approximately 150 students from 1st to 3rd grade of Higashiyama Junior High School and approximately 250 students from 2nd to 3rd grade of Senmaya High School listened enthusiastically to the performances with bright eyes. I would be happy if those students could feel some kind of important message

2018-May-20-img7.jpg 2018-May-20-img8.jpg


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2018.05.25 11:40 admin

2018.03.12 11:26

The 7th Symposium on Self-Supporting Efforts "Thank You from Tohoku!" (3/11, 2018, Mita Campus, Keio University)


We organized the 7th Symposium on Self-Supporting Efforts on March 11, 2018, seven years after the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake.

2018-Mar-11-img1.jpg 2018-Mar-11-img2.jpg

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Mr. Ikuo Takeyama, Mr. Yuichi Yonezawa and his family and Mr. Hiroya Sato, all of whom took the trouble to come to Tokyo to say "Thank you" as representatives of Tohoku, although it was the death anniversary for their loved ones.

One of the speakers, Mr. Ikuo Takeyama, bravely overcame the devastation after the earthquake and in 2016, set up a Dutch style hydroponic farm in partnership with local farmers. He is now moving toward future. To show his gratitude toward Tohoku supporters, Mr. Takeyama brought tomatoes and peppers he grew at the new farm and gave them away to all the participants of the symposium. Thank you, Mr. Takeyama!

Also, the generous donations from symposium attendees were gratefully received.

The symposium started with the speeches given by the guest speakers from Tohoku and went on to the panel discussion after the break. We are grateful for the audience's contributions to the discussion through various questions and comments.

The symposium was held at the Distance Learning Room, South Wing, Mita Campus of Keio University. Prof. David G. Litt of the Law School kindly arranged the venue. We are truly grateful for his assistances including the site management on the day.

The followings are the summaries of the speeches

(Yuichi Yonezawa/Rikuzentakata)

2018-Mar-11-img3.jpg 2018-Mar-11-img4.jpg

Following the huge quake, Mr. Yonezawa first evacuated to the rooftop of his three-story reinforced concrete building. However, the tsunami soon reached there and forced him to climb the chimney to survive the raising water. While he was clinging to the chimney, the fatal wave engulfed many of his neighbours who evacuated to the nearby citizen center which had been designated as a shelter by Rikuzentakata city. Sadly, his parents and younger brother were among the victims. In the same jacket he was wearing on March 11, 2011, he showed us the shocking video of the swelling tsunami he shot from the rooftop for the first time after 7 years. Considering that the sure death was looming, his presence of mind was truly admirable. The variable video made us realize the sheer, killing power of a tsunami.

When the city requested Mr. Yonezawa to sell the building where he barely escaped death, he refused because he was against the city's policy to eliminate the remains of the earthquake. He decided to keep the place as an architectural relic of Tohoku Earthquake. Although he was exempted from the fixed property tax for the building for a few years after the earthquake, to our great surprise and shock, now he has to pay tax of 600,000 yen on the ruined building every year. To show his appreciation to the volunteers who helped Tohoku after the earthquake, Mr. Yonezawa volunteers to guide visitors around his building and told his experience at the time of the disaster. The number of visitors he guided now reaches almost 3,500.

Considering that the building has a potential to become a great tourism resource for the city, we strongly believe that it is only righteous that Rikuzentakata city should exempt him from the fixed property tax. In fact, the Yonezawa family deserves generous support from the city.

(Ikuo Takeyama/Ishinomaki)

2018-Mar-11-img5.jpg 2018-Mar-11-img6.jpg

When the deadly earthquake hit Tohoku, Mr. Takeyama was working away from home in Shizuoka. Tragically, though, his mother, wife and daughter back in Tohoku were caught up by the tsunami and drowned while they were trying to evacuate by car. Immediately after the disaster, he returned to his home in Okawa district and searched for victims' bodies with heavy machinery. Mr. Takeyama vividly depicted his devastating experiences at the symposium.

When he realized he lost his beloved families, he lost all the meaning of life and even contemplated suicide. The video of his heart-wrenching interview shown at the symposium depicted the darkest of times of his life. Despite such terrible experiences, though, Mr. Takeyama has now got back on his feet and is bravely moving toward the bright future. Hats off to Mr. Takeyama! We wish him the best of luck and happiness.

Recently, his son, who lives in Hokkaido, got married. Mr. Takeyama happily announced the new addition to the family and confessed how thrilled he was when his new daughter-in-law called him "dad". Our heart was warmed by his shy smile.

(Hiroya Sato/Ishinomaki)
(Hiroyuki Nakamura/Ofunato)
2018-Mar-11-img7.jpg 2018-Mar-11-img8.jpg

As time goes by, the general sympathy and support for Tohoku has been gradually fading. The Foundation, however, keeps on organizing Tomodachi Curry events. It was during one of those curry events that we met Mr. Hiroya Sato, who was then living at a temporary house in Ishinomaki. He has become our good friend and never missed our events since then. After his graduation from junior high school on March 10th, Mr. Sato directly came to Tokyo for the symposium. He made a splendid speech and assured us the bright future of Tohoku. When one of the attendees asked for his opinion about the gigantic levee built along the scenic coastline of Tohoku, he made a pointed remark, criticizing the authority that had ignored opinions of the local communities about such an enormous construction. We were all impressed by his mature attitude.

At the time of the earthquake, Mr. Hiroyuki Nakamura was working at an institution assisting people with disabilities to attain self-reliance. He described how he headed for a hill to escape the tsunami. He also talked about his following rescue efforts. Learning from the experience during the disaster, he set up an evacuation center for handicapped people. Presently he is actively working at a children's institution.

(Panel discussion)
(Mr. Bill Lewis/Oshu)
2018-Mar-11-img9.jpg 2018-Mar-11-img10.jpg

Mr. Bill Lewis has been in Japan since 1988 and teaching English at high school. He is also a member of the International ILC Support Committee and proactively working for the realization of the ILC project in cooperation with the Oshu International Relations Association. If the ILC is successfully constructed in Tohoku, a number of foreign researchers and engineers will come to the region with their families. Mr. Lewis is expected to act as an important intermediary to link their needs with the local government, NGOs and private enterprises.

He spoke about the significance of teaching Japanese language and introducing Japanese society to foreigners who will come to Japan for the ILC project. Inspired by his speech, we discussed the issue of globalization of Tohoku as well as entire Japan. In honor of the spirit of Prof. Inazo Nitobe, Tohoku should be more open to the world because internaionalization is a key to solve the problem of depopulation in the area.

We understand the importance of ILC for Tohoku and are hoping that the project will become reality.

(Mr. Masayoshi Sugawara/Hiraizumi town)
(Ryoki Sato/Ichinoseki city)
2018-Mar-11-img11.jpg 2018-Mar-11-img12.jpg

Mr. Sugawara, former mayor of Hiraizumi town, set up a joint disaster relief office with Ichinoseki city and Fujisawa town immediately after the earthquake to support Rikuzentakata city. They offered cars, delivered tons of drinking water and food, sent their staff members and accepted evacuees from the tsunami affected city. When the Foundation planned a curry event for the Rikuzentakata city office to thank their staff for their devotion to tsunami/earthquake victims, Mr. Sugawara wholeheartedly supported the idea as he had a special feeling toward the city. Despite his busy schedule, he even came to help us cook curry in the morning of the event.

Presently, he has become a precious member of our volunteer activities and actively cooperates in our events with Mrs. Sugawara. We greatly appreciate their generous support.

Mr. Ryoki Sato is a Buddhist monk who lives in Fujisawa town, Ichinoseki city. Although the temple was not affected either by the earthquake or the tsunami, he happened to be on his way from Kamaishi to Ichinoseki when the fatal earthquake struck. He was about to be engulfed by the tsunami and barely survived the huge wave.

As a monk, he provides pastoral care to victims and offers them opportunities to talk about their experiences to relieve stress. At the symposium he introduced his activities at a child supporting organization called "Hamawarasu" he is currently involved with. He believes that it is important to get children to be involved with the nature, people and community in their hometown so that their vitality will be enhanced. He calls it a key for them to grow strong. For this purpose, he hosts nature experience events for children.


2018-Mar-11-img13.jpg 2018-Mar-11-img14.jpg

Special Music Program

Mr. Kensho Maekawa (tenor)
Ms. Miki Akamatsu (piano)
Ms. Miki Tominaga (soprano)
Ms. Junko Watanabe(piano)
2018-Mar-11-img15.jpg 2018-Mar-11-img16.jpg

One of the two musicians who sang for the special music program at the end of the symposium was Mr. Maekawa, a tenor singer of Niki Kai Tokyo Opera Foundation. He is also a certified monk and considers music as a form of prayer. He joined the event in the hope of providing an opportunity for people to be energized through music and reflect on themselves.

Ms. Tominaga, the soprano singer, is a graduate from Keio University. She learned singing as an amateur singer for 10 years when she was working as a bank clerk. Mr. Shoji Kinoshita, a friend of Mr. Sata's, specially invited her and Ms. Watanabe, the pianist, to join the event. On September 11, 2001, Ms. Tominaga's husband was at the office on the 80th floor of the World Trade Center in New York. Although he miraculously survived the horrendous disaster, since then, Ms. Tominaga has developed a personal belief -- each and every day is precious and life should not be taken for granted. The theme of the symposium seemed to pull her heartstrings and she kindly accepted the invitation.

Thanks to the support from many people, the symposium was successfully closed. We are truly thankful.

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2018.02.19 16:25

The 7th Symposium on Self-Supporting Efforts

On March 11th 2018 or the 7th anniversary of the earthquake, we are going to host a symposium to commemorate the calamity. During the first session of the symposium, disaster victims will talk about the tremendous efforts to rebuild their lives in honor of the theme: "Thank You from Tohoku". Following the speeches, we will have a panel discussion about how Tohoku is connected to the world and how it has been saved by love from around the world.

To sign up for the symposium, please fill in the form and fax it to us.

<Download an application form>

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2017.12.24 08:36

Dinner Meeting (12/23, 2017 at Senmaya International Club, Senmaya, Iwate)

2017-Dec2-23-img1.jpg 2017-Dec2-23-img2.jpg

The Rentai Tohoku hosted a dinner party with about 30 guests at Senmaya International Club where the foundation is based, inviting some local people in Senmaya area. In addition to the guests from Senmaya, we welcomed Mr. and Mrs. Yonezawa from Rikuzentakata City, Mr. Bill Lewis from Oshu City, and Mr. Sugawara from Hiraizumi Town. Seeing their faces, we felt as if we were a one big family.

Whenever we have a dinner party at the club, Mr. and Mrs. Hatakeyama prepare Sukiyaki hotpot for the occasion. However, they missed the event this time as Mr. Hatakeyama suddenly fell ill and was hospitalized. We were extremely worried about his health. To our great relief, however, Mr. Hatakeyama recovered quickly and was soon discharged from hospital. We were very pleased to hear that he was able to enjoy New Year holiday with his family at home. All of us at the foundation wish him good health.

At the party, each guest made a speech and we listened to their honest opinions. We were able to exchange love among people in Tohoku, Japan and the rest of the world. The board chairman, who travels around the world, is particularly openhearted when he speaks about his thoughts and love for Tohoku and the world.

Mr. Yuichi Yonezawa, the managing director of Yonezawa Shokai in Rikuzentakata, had had a shop selling wrapping materials until the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11th 2011. Now he continues his business at a temporary shop. After the earthquake, he first evacuated to the rooftop of a three-story reinforced concrete building. However, the tsunami reached to the rooftop and he had to climb the chimney to escape the raising water. Sadly, his parents and younger brother who tried to evacuate elsewhere lost their lives.

2017-Dec2-23-img3.jpg 2017-Dec2-23-img4.jpg

Although the city requested Mr. Yonezawa to sell both the building and the land, he declined the request as it is the place where he narrowly survived the tsunami. He wanted to keep the building to remind the future generation of the horror of the tsunami.

As there is a plan to construct the new train station of Rikuzentakata near Mr. Yonezawa's building, the city heaped up earth in the neighbouring area along the railway track to make the land 8 meters higher than the original level. Luckily, his building is located outside the construction area and is going to be conserved for the moment.

2017-Dec2-23-img5.jpg 2017-Dec2-23-img6.jpg

Mr. Yonezawa put a sign indicating the tsunami water level on the chimney he climbed at the time of the earthquake. It represents his wish to keep the memory of the tsunami fresh and save lives next time the disaster hits the town. As a miraculous survivor, he is determined to live his life to the fullest, never regret and always keep his promises with others.

Many visit the building and Mr. Yonezawa spends a lot of time to guide them around. The board chairman has a plan to put a statue of Mr. Yonezawa on the chimney with the sign of the tsunami water level. It will show that the water reached 1 inch below Mr. Yonezawa while he was clinging onto the chimney. We believe he survived for a reason and admire what he has been doing since then.

We take his wish seriously and are going to work hard to carry out the plan to place the statue.

We are now preparing for an event in February, the coldest time in winter, for people who still live in temporary houses in Sanriku area. Also, we are hosting the 7th Anniversary Memorial Symposium at Mita Campus, Keio University on March 11th, 2018. The theme of the symposium is "Thank You from Tohoku!"

We hope that many will join us from various places with the spirit of love and peace.

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2017.12.24 08:24

Christmas Event (12/23, 2017 at Taiyo Gakuen Children's Home, Ofunato, Iwate)

2017-Dec1-23-img1.jpg 2017-Dec1-23-img2.jpg

We were first introduced to the children at Taiyo Gakuen when we had one of our Tomodachi Curry® events on September 26th, 2015 at the children's home. After the event, we managed to host two marine events for them with generous cooperation from Mr.Murakami, a local fisherman who lives in Otomo Town, Rikuzentakata. Thanks to him, the children could enjoy short cruises on his large fishing boat.

This time, we visited Taiyo Gakuen to bring Christmas gifts for the children. Our board chairman was dressed up as Santa Clause and delivered various gifts.

Although only a small number of children were at the children's home, they had prepared curry and invited us for lunch. We had a great time together.

About forty children aged from two to eighteen live in the home separated from their parents. The building has seven flats with smart kitchens and a small group of children live together in each flat. We visited some of the flats and surprised the kids with Christmas gifts.

There are a great number of children's institutions like Taiyo Gakuen in Japan and approximately 35,000 children live there. It is heart breaking that the number of children who are living in difficult circumstances without being admitted to such institutions are more than 10 times that of those who are admitted.

2017-Dec1-23-img3.jpg 2017-Dec1-23-img4.jpg

We met two brothers who live in Taiyo Gakuen together, away from their parents. The brothers seemed happy and carefree. They asked if they could try on the costume of Santa Clause after lunch. Mr. Sata took off the costume and let the boys to dress each other. They were extremely pleased.


After we left the children's home, we visited Mr. Yuichi Murakami, a fisherman in Otomo Town, Rikuzentakata. Mr. Murakami has been a great sympathizer of our activities and helped us in many ways. As we mentioned, he has invited Taiyo Gakuen's children to cruise around the bay on his boat twice, donated fresh seafood for barbecue, offered his boat for the memorial ceremony on the sea and more. He is truly the kindest, most generous man we ever met. When we visited him, he told us that he was ready to help us host yet another event and was looking forward to inviting children to his boat once the weather became warmer and the sea calm in May. We are truly grateful for Mr. Murakami and his family's generosity.

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