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2017.03.12 14:30

Symposium on Self-Supporting Efforts: Toward the Light (3/11 2017 at Ichinoseki City, Iwate)

2017-Mar-11-img7.jpg 2017-Mar-11-img8.jpg

We hosted the symposium near Senmaya International Club, the hub of our volunteer activities, at 17:00 on Saturday March 11, 2017 with almost 50 audiences.

On behalf of the surviving families, Mr. Yuichi Yonezawa, director of Yonezawa Shokai Co., Ltd., Mr. Ikuo Takeyama, partner of a Dutch style hydroponic farm, and Mr. Sakutaro Sugano, an orphan who lost his mother in the previous year after living at a temporary house for 5 years spoke about their thoughts 6 years after the earthquake.

2017-Mar-11-img9.jpg 2017-Mar-11-img10.jpg

Each of them talked about how they faced and overcame their emotional scars caused by the disaster and how they found the light of hope for the future.

2017-Mar-11-img11.jpg 2017-Mar-11-img12.jpg

Toward the end of the symposium, various people made speeches including Mr. Miura, who offered a building for us to use as our operating base immediately after the earthquake and Mr. Sugawara, director of a children's institution addressing the issue of child abuse, and provided valuable opportunities for us to reconsider how we should support sufferers of the earthquake from now on. Mr. Sata, board chairman of the Foundation presented certificates of commendation and commemorative gifts to the three main speakers who went through tremendous hardships. The board chairman spoke about the past support activities by the Foundation and his thoughts on what we tried to achieve through our activities. The dignified manner with which young Mr. Sugano, the second-year high school student (17 years old), made his speech made us realize the hidden strength of Tohoku. Wishing that the youth would grow up big and strong, the chairman gave him his favourite US navy jacket (decorated with an embroidered Popeye) which he used to wear when he was young.

2017-Mar-11-img13.jpg 2017-Mar-11-img14.jpg

During the first half of the symposium, the professional cello-piano duo, Mr. Sergei Srowaczewski and Ms. Tatiana Koresova, who also played at the former Okawa primary school in the morning, played beautiful music once again.

Click the picture below to see the movie.

The event was covered by Iwate Nippo and Iwate Nichinichi newspapers as follows.

The Iwate Nippo issue of March 12th, 2017


The Iwate Nichinichi issue of March 12th, 2017


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2017.03.12 14:30 admin

2017.03.12 14:22

Memorial Service (3/11 2017 at the former site of Okawa Primary School, Ishinomaki, Miyagi)

2017-Mar-11-img1.jpg 2017-Mar-11-img2.jpg

At ten o'clock in the morning on March 11, 2017 (Sat), the sixth anniversary of the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake, we held a memorial service in front of the statue of Angel donated by the Foundation at the former site of Okawa Primary School in Ishinomaki City. Yasuhiko Sata, board chairman of the Foundation invited a professional cello-piano duo, Mr. Sergei Srowaczewski and Ms. Tatiana Koresova from Russia especially for the service. The duo played beautiful and exquisite music for the sufferers of the disaster and the souls of the dead.

2017-Mar-11-img3.jpg 2017-Mar-11-img4.jpg

Although many other events to commemorate the earthquake victims coincided with our event, Mr. Ikuo Takeyama, who was extremely supportive when the Foundation donated the Statue of Angel, kindly offered help for the success of our event. When the deadly quake hit Tohoku, Mr. Takeyama was in Shizuoka on a business trip, but sadly he lost his mother, wife and daughter, who lived in the Okawa district.

His late daughter had just celebrated her birthday on the day before the earthquake and was expecting to join Japan Air Self-Defence Force in the coming April. Upon the suggestion of our board chairman, the musicians played her favorite song, "Streamer (Hikouki-gumo)" by Yumin.

2017-Mar-11-img5.jpg 2017-Mar-11-img6.jpg

Mr. Takeyama bravely overcame the loss and the devastation after the earthquake and set up a Dutch style hydroponic farm in partnership in 2016, trying to move forward. We offer our sincerest prayer for the repose of the victims and wish him every success in his new life.

Click the picture below to see the movie.

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2016.12.19 21:36

Curry Event(12/18 2016 at Sandanbashiri Kohoku Temporary Housing Estate, Ishinomaki, Miyagi)

On Sunday December 18, we cooked and served "Tomodachi Curry ®" and had a great time with the residents of Sandanbashiri Kouhoku Temporary Housing Estate, Ishinomaki, Miyagi. It was the third event at the estate since the first curry event in April 2014.

2016-Dec-18-img1.jpg 2016-Dec-18-img2.jpg

Although when we left our office in Senmaya, the surrounding area was covered with thin snow, we arrived and found the Ishinomaki area sunny and nicely warm: a good start of the day. Some residents kindly helped us preparing ingredients for curry and we enjoyed lively conversation and worked together in a homely atmosphere.

2016-Dec-18-img3.jpg 2016-Dec-18-img4.jpg

The order to add and stir-fry the ingredients in the pot is always the key to delicious curry. Therefore those who prepare ingredients and the pot keeper have to work in smooth coordination. As always, thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Sugawara from Hiraizumi, everything went without a single hitch.

2016-Dec-18-img5.jpg 2016-Dec-18-img6.jpg

Tomodachi Curry ® was ready as planned before noon. As our aim was to encourage people to communicate with each other while enjoying food, the curry was only served to people who could come and have meal together in the meeting room. Like the previous gathering, we had many residents in the meeting room and had a great time.

2016-Dec-18-img7.jpg 2016-Dec-18-img8.jpg

After lunch, one of the residents sang some songs playing the guitar and everyone enjoyed the time spent together. To watch the movie of the event, click the picture below.

It was thanks to Mr. Takeyama that the series of events started in the first place. We became acquainted with him when we donated the statue of Angel at former Okawa Primary School. Now that five years have passed since the earthquake, Mr. Sata and the foundation staff are all happy to see that Mr. Takeyama is gradually overcoming the calamity and shows his smiles every now and then.

2016-Dec-18-img9.jpg 2016-Dec-18-img10.jpg

It appears that as part of the permanent housing program for the earthquake victims, a new housing estate for residents of Santanbashiri temporary houses are to be completed in 2017. Rentai Tohoku and Seinan are going to continue our emotional support until everyone moves in the new estate. We wish a good health and happiness to the residents of Santanbashiri temporary housing estate, and we hope they will be able to resume the usual life swiftly.

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2016.12.19 21:36 admin

2016.07.10 14:15

Play with Kids Event (7/9 2016 at Rikuzentakata City, Iwate)

On Saturday July 9th, 2016, we hosted an event for children at Otomo Town, Rikuzentakata City, Iwate. Mr. Yuichi Murakami, a resident of Otomo Town, helped us make arrangements for the event, from planning, finding both the venue and the boat, and food preparation. Mr. Murakami has been a great supporter to our activities since the establishment of our Foundation.

2016-Jul-09-img1.jpg 2016-Jul-09-img2.jpg

Although our initial plan was to have a barbecue at the harbor, due to incessant rain which continued from early morning, we were forced to change our venue and set up a makeshift rain hood under the eaves of a building. There was another mishap and we discovered that some of the barbecue tools including charcoal plates were left behind when we packed. Luckily, someone found a few pieces of galvanized sheets to use as substitutes of the missing charcoal plates.

2016-Jul-09-img3.jpg 2016-Jul-09-img4.jpg

Some women got together to prepare food indoors and the Foundation's members who were outdoor-savvy built a fire outside. The preparation went smoothly and we waited for the arrival of the invited children.

The event was originally planned to provide children living at an institution with an opportunity to experience fishery. Although there were some obstacles to materialize our plan, Mr. Kinno, who were sympathetic to our idea, took the trouble to convey our thoughts to the institution and convinced the management. At ten o'clock, 19 children and 6 staff members from the institution arrived at Otomo Harbour and the event started.

2016-Jul-09-img5.jpg 2016-Jul-09-img6.jpg

Kids were all excited seeing ocean-fresh scallops landed from Mr. Murakami's fishing boat, Tenryu Maru. The volunteer members watching them were also full of expectation-- perhaps we could eat some barbecued scallops?

2016-Jul-09-img7.jpg 2016-Jul-09-img8.jpg

Ignoring the adults who were contemplating only about food, the children divided into two groups. One group went for fishing and the other got on the boat. The Foundation member who loved fishing as a hobby put baits on hooks for children. He was probably more enjoying himself than anyone else.

2016-Jul-09-img9.jpg 2016-Jul-09-img10.jpg

As the capacity of the boat was limited for safety reasons, it was dozen or so children who enjoyed the 40-minute cruise. During the cruise, Mr. Murakami, the captain, skilfully disassembled sea squirts, washed them with seawater and let the children taste some marine delicacy. On land, Mr. Murakami was a gentle, fatherly figure who smiled all the time but once getting on the boat, he transformed into a cool man of the sea with a stern look. The children who got on the boat enjoyed the cruise greatly and exchanged high-fives with Mr. Sata, the board chairman of the Foundation, as they left the boat.

2016-Jul-09-img11.jpg 2016-Jul-09-img12.jpg

The excited children, dragging exhausted Taher, walked the short distance from the harbor to the barbecue site where they discovered scallops, oysters and meat all ready for barbecue. (The great amount of scallops they saw at the harbor all arrived for barbecue.)

2016-Jul-09-img13.jpg 2016-Jul-09-img14.jpg

The staff member who cooked pan-fried noodles was also an outdoor enthusiast and he looked far happier than his usual self clad in a business suit. Mr. Sugawara, the former mayor of Hiraizumi Town happily barbecued scallops and oysters for everyone. He always joined us with his wife and the couple is now a popular fixture of our events.

2016-Jul-09-img15.jpg 2016-Jul-09-img16.jpg

It was two teachers from Hanaizumi Junior High School who grilled meat. They have been helping us at several Tomodachi Curry® events since they met Taher when he had a lecture at the school. Taher and the teachers are now good friends and three of them drove together to and from the venue.

2016-Jul-09-img17.jpg 2016-Jul-09-img18.jpg

The barbecue site was filled with hot, delicious smell and the children could no longer stay still. They squealed for joy when they saw hair crabs brought in.

2016-Jul-09-img19.jpg 2016-Jul-09-img20.jpg

Kids loved barbecued meat and seafood, and almost forgot about the existence of Taher because he was not cooking his usual curry this time. However, as if he was determined to win back people's attention to himself, he started to grill his wife's specialty spicy chicken. It was the chicken Mrs. Taher marinated overnight in her authentic spicy sauce. Half of the chicken was less spicy so that children could enjoy also. The rest was seasoned with more spices and peppers to suite adults' taste buds. Our volunteer staff members quickly devoured the delicious meat.

2016-Jul-09-img21.jpg 2016-Jul-09-img22.jpg

When the meal was over, Mr. Murakami, who had been anxiously watching over the barbecue site to see if everyone was happy, looked relaxed. Mr. and Mrs. Sugawara grilled oysters up till the end.

2016-Jul-09-img23.jpg 2016-Jul-09-img24.jpg

When it came to a summer barbecue, we could not miss our traditional watermelon splitting game. Everyone tried to hit the watermelon in turn from the youngest to the oldest but it was not as easy as expected. The high school student who tried at the end managed to split the fruit at last. For many of us, it was the first game of watermelon splitting in a very long while. We enjoyed it thoroughly no matter the age.

Following the game of watermelon splitting, the children who were enthralled by fishing in the morning asked if they could also get on the boat. As the rain stopped, the second round cruise was pleasant under the cloudy sky. Some of the kids were lucky enough to get on the boat twice. All of them were ever so excited and yelped with delight. They pumped their fists together at the end of the cruise with wonderful smile.

Although our means are limited, Rentai Tohoku Seinan is going to continue various activities with growing number of local supporters to help those suffered by the earthquake in Tohoku become self-reliant once again.

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2016.04.25 14:03

Joining Meal Services (4/23-24, 2016 at Mashiki Town, Kumamoto)

On April 14th and 16th, 2016, central Kumamoto was struck by two consecutive powerful earthquakes of magnitude 7.3. Humanity First Japan, a volunteer group organized by the Ahmadiya Muslim Community Japan based in Nagoya, was immediately dispatched and arrived in Mashiki Town, Kumamoto to undertake relief activities on April 17th. Mashiki Town was one of the most severely damaged areas in quake-struck Kumamoto by the two major earthquakes of magnitude 7.0 or higher. Japan has never seen an earthquake which involves two consecutive quakes of that magnitude since 1949 when magnitude 7.0 was first introduced to the Japan Meteorological Agency magnitude scale.

2016-Apl-22-img1.jpg 2016-Apl-22-img2.jpg

On April 20th, more HFJ rescue teams were dispatched by both the AMCJ Nagoya Headquarters and Tokyo Office and they arrived in Mashiki Town with food for 5000 people. As Syed Tahir who works for our Foundation had been closely cooperating with Humanity First Japan in Tohoku, he joined them in the evening on April 22nd to help their meal services.

2016-Apl-22-img3.jpg 2016-Apl-22-img4.jpg

The rescue team was based in the Mashiki Town Hall and cooked curry and served hot meals to many evacuees sheltering at nearby evacuation centers. Although they could serve bean curry only immediately after their arrival in the wrecked town, luckily, they found and purchased 36 kilograms of chicken at a supermarket and were able to serve chicken curry on the 23rd and 24th, which coincided with the weekend, to cheer up the evacuees a little.

As the number of volunteers of Humanity First Japan was limited, they worked hard in rotation. Fortunately, some sophomores from nearby universities volunteered to help, they were able to serve curry in time for lunch.

After April 25th, fresh volunteers started to pour in from all over Japan and as their number was increasing, the Humanity First Japan teams went back to Nagoya. Seyed Taher also left Kumamoto.

Click the link below to see the movie by the Ahmadiya Muslim Community Japan.

For more information about the Ahmadiya Muslim Community Japan, click the link below.

Click the pictuer below to see a movie of the relief activity in Mashiki Town.

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2016.04.25 14:03 admin


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