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2015.05.31 09:47

Curry Event (5/31 2015 at Ichinoseki Fuji-no-Sono Children's Foster Home, Ichinoseki, Iwate)

On May 31st, we organised a "Tomodachi Curry®" event at Fuji-no-Sono, a foster home in Ichinoseki and spent some good time with the children staying there.

2015-May-31-img1.jpg 2015-May-31-img2.jpg

It was a warm sunny day and we all got sweaty preparing for the event outside. Once our staff members showed children how to prepare the ingredients, some girls took the lead to help us in cooking. Children soon became friends with our staff, even starting to call them by first names. Cooking curry in such a friendly atmosphere was a great fun.

2015-May-31-img3.jpg 2015-May-31-img4.jpg

Mr Sata and other staff members became very popular and had a wonderful time surrounded by the children during the lunch. It was thanks to Mr Watanabe, vice director of the foster home, that we were able to hold the event at the institution. According to Mr Watanabe, the children enjoyed the rare occasion a great deal. We would be pleased if our event could contribute to the enlivenment of the institution in some way or other.

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2015.05.31 09:47 admin

2015.05.30 09:43

Symposium (5/30 2015 at Senmaya International Club, Ichinoseki, Iwate)

On May 30th, we invited Dr Yuichi Sakai, our old friend, to the Senmaya International Club. We organised a lecture and a dinner party to provide an opportunity to exchange with local people.

2015-May-30-img1.jpg 2015-May-30-img2.jpg

Dr Sakai is the vice director of the National Center for Child Health and Development, the largest and most prestigious paediatric medical centre in Asia. The centre newly set up a project to support children who require medical care at home after completing acute treatment. Dr Sakai was appointed as the director of the project in April this year and has been working hard on it ever since. Presently, he is involved in the establishment of the first ever hospice facility for children in Japan, which is planned to open in spring 2016.

Unfortunately, due to a physicians' meeting at the local medical association, the number of doctors who joined the symposium was fewer than expected. However, those participated in the event including some local medical professionals and tsunami victims seemed to appreciate the opportunity.

Dr Sakai talked about his experiences with children in Toronto who were bravely battling against severe respiratory diseases and their families who endured the great challenge. He also introduced his efforts to set up the hospice care centre for children, which we listened to with great interest.

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2015.04.19 09:31

"Tomodachi Curry®" and Sakura Viewing Party (4/18 2015 at Senmaya Branch Office of Ichinoseki City Council, Iwate)

On April 18th, with the purpose to provide an opportunity for the evacuees in Senmaya district to get to know each other, we organised a "Tomodachi Curry®" event and a cherry blossom viewing party in the front garden of Senmaya Branch Office of Ichinoseki City Council, with a co-operation from Senmaya Community Revitalisation Confederation.

2015-Apl-18-img1.jpg 2015-Apl-18-img2.jpg

It was a warm, refreshingly sunny day and cherry blossoms were in full bloom. Mr and Mrs Sugawara and other council staff members helped us prepare curry. Originally, we expected that it would be 50 or so people at the most who would join us at the party because there was another sakura viewing event at the temporary housing complex in Senmaya. However, it turned out that nearly 100 guests came to our event, possibly lured by the fantastic weather.

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2015.04.19 09:31 admin

2015.04.13 09:27

Curry Event (4/12 2015 at Nikkori Sunpark Temporary Housing Complex, Ishimonaki, Miyagi)

On April 12th (Sun), we cooked and served "Tomodachi Curry ®" and spent some friendly time with the residents of Nikkori Sunpark Temporary Housing Complex, which is located in Jusanhama, Kitakami, Ishinomaki, Miyagi. Approximately 300 people (150 households) are currently living at the complex.

It had been severe icy weather till the day before the event but it was sunny and warm on the big day. Lively children crammed around and watched us cooking curry with great interest. They timidly started to give us a hand and eventually everyone joined in the cooking.

2015-Apl-12-img1.jpg 2015-Apl-12-img2.jpg

We started the preparation in the meeting room of the complex early in the morning with help from a group of residents. As usual, with the purpose to break the ice among the participants by friendly conversation during preparation, Taher requested them to join us. 10kg of chicken was offered for free by Mr Keishi Onodera, a member of the Rotary Club of Senmaya, Iwate.

2015-Apl-12-img3.jpg 2015-Apl-12-img4.jpg

Mr Asawaka, managing director of Maruki Medical Systems Inc. and Mr Kodera, a former staff of the company, joined the curry cooking. They brought tasty sweets, which we enjoyed immensely.

2015-Apl-12-img5.jpg 2015-Apl-12-img6.jpg

We prepared naan bread instead of rice to serve with curry upon the request from the guests. They also loved the spiced tea we made after meal. As ever, 20 litres of fresh milk to make tea was generously donated by Mr Nobuaki Sudo from Senmaya, Ichinoseki.

After lunch, one of the residents sang some songs playing guitar and we truly had a good time.

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2015.04.13 09:27 admin

2015.01.31 09:18

Curry Event(01/30 2015 at Kichijoji Temple, Kirikiri, Otsuchi, Johei-gun, Iwate)

On January 30th (Sat), we organised "Tomodachi Curry ®" event at Kichijoji Temple, a temple of the Soto school of Zen Buddhism located in Kirikiri district, Otsuchi. We were hoping to cheer up the local people and the temple master, Mr Eigo Takahashi and his wife.

2015-Jan-30-img1.jpg 2015-Jan-30-img2.jpg

Thanks to its location on a hill, Kichijoji Temple was spared from the damage by the tsunami. Though it was not designated as a public shelter, the temple accepted people who suffered from the tsunami disaster immediately after the earthquake. The number of refugees they took in was nearly 250. The master Takahashi opened the temple to the public as a shelter and tried to keep people's morale high and maintain their physical strength. He encouraged them to follow a daily routine at the temple including clearing and laying futon mattresses and morning exercise.

2015-Jan-30-img3.jpg 2015-Jan-30-img4.jpg

Our event venue was the meeting room of the temple which was once occupied by the evacuees. Though there was still a lot of snow on the ground from the previous night, the weather recovered by the morning and we started the preparation with no problem.

2015-Jan-30-img5.jpg 2015-Jan-30-img6.jpg

Early in the morning, Madame Takahashi and neighbours helped us prepare curry using the kitchen in the meeting room. As usual, 20 litres of fresh milk for spiced tea served with "Tomodachi curry®" was generously donated by Mr Nobuaki Sudo from Senmaya, Ichinoseki. We should remember that it was Mr Ichiro Murakami, our great co-operator and buddy who went to fetch the milk in the heavy snow the night before.

2015-Jan-30-img7.jpg 2015-Jan-30-img8.jpg 2015-Jan-30-img9.jpg

We prepared the ingredients indoors and some younger staff members cooked curry in the pot put outside. We asked the group of neighbours to prepare spiced tea in the kitchen. Delighted by the fresh milk, Madam Takahashi used her favourite honey from Zao instead of ordinary sugar to give the tea special flavour. The spiced tea was even tastier with mild sweetness of the honey.

2015-Jan-30-img10.jpg 2015-Jan-30-img11.jpg 2015-Jan-30-img12.jpg

"Tomodachi Curry®" was ready just before lunch time. Usually we find it fun for guests to queue up with a plate and be served with curry from the unusually huge pot together with naan bread from the baker. However, as it was extremely cold and the ground was dangerously slippery, the staff carried food on plates to the warm meeting room where the guests were waiting.

2015-Jan-30-img13.jpg 2015-Jan-30-img14.jpg

After the opening speech of Master Takahashi, our board chairman spoke about the background and the purpose of the event. With a cue from Mr Touemon Azumaya, chairman of the Kichijoji parish council, the curry lunch started.

2015-Jan-30-img15.jpg 2015-Jan-30-img16.jpg

Both Mr Ikarigawa, mayor of Otsuchi Town, and Dr Hamato, a local neurologist, were also at the event. Dr Hamato was kind enough to bring us a hundred red bean pastries baked by a popular bakery in the area. The guests greatly enjoyed the yummy sweet pastries.

2015-Jan-30-img17.jpg 2015-Jan-30-img18.jpg

At the end of the party, the residents of Kirikiri district recited two pieces of "Goeika(※)", Buddhist doxology, for us.

※ "Goeika" is a buddhist doxology, which is a melodious chant with the words consisting of five lines and thirty one syllables based on Buddhist teaching. It is one of the religious traditional arts in Japanese Buddhism handed down from Heian era. Poems with five and seven alternating syllables and those with seven and five alternating syllables are both called "wasan" and often considered as "Goeika" even if they are not of religious nature.


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